This year's SPIRIT OF AWEN CAMP will be held in the stunning countryside of Gloucestershire, 15 mins outside of both Stroud & Gloucester 40 mins from Bristol and running alongside the beautiful and magical River Severn

Here are some photos of the land on which the SPIRIT of AWEN CAMP 2019 will be held. MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW... KEEP WATCHING THIS SPACE.....

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2019 Camp Information Sheets. IMPORTANT STUFF, PLEASE READ, THANKS.



Information Sheets.


The Spirit of Awen Camp





Welcome to this beautiful part of Gloucestershire and to the Sixth year of the ‘Spirit of Awen Camp’. The Spirit Of Awen is held at West End Farm in Arlingham, a stunning locality on the banks of the mighty River Severn.

We have created this information sheet to let you know what is available at this year’s camp, to inform you of a few housekeeping necessities and of course some of the do’s and don’ts of the site, these ensure our safety and contribute to us all having a wonderful time.


Well… what a camp we have planned this year! So much to do and to be sharing it with so many wonderful people and all with so little time to do it all in!


See you all on the field ….







West End Farm

Church Road






From the M5 exit at junction 13 and follow the directions towards the A38 and turn left onto the A38 towards Slimbridge. Follow the road up a slight incline, there will be a garage on your left and a sign directing you to Frampton on Severn. Follow that sign and turn right to Frampton on Severn and continue to follow this road. You will cross the canal via the swing bridge, take the left hand turn directly as you leave the bridge. Continue on this road until you enter Arlingham. You will see the Red Lion pub on your right, take the left hand turning opposite the pub into Church Road, follow the road down past the church and the camp will be sign posted with the turning on your left hand side.


 Camp Facilities.


The Gate.

On arrival you will be greeted at The Gate, our 6m Emperor Bell, which is most magnificently managed, organised and glittered by Tash who will be our ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ at The Gate’ along with her fab team. Do expect to be greeted by a spectacle of loveliness and glitter!


The Gate Team will check you in, make you a cuppa if you need it and answer any immediate queries that you may have and then point you in the direction of the camping field, which is directly behind the gate tent. They will also point out water points and toilets.


At The Gate you will be able to pay for extra nights, upgrade your weekend tickets if you want to stay longer. The Gate is the point to pay any outstanding monies or purchase tickets….





All lost property is sent to The Gate. It is also the FIRST AID focal point. Any accidents or anyone in need of help or assistance should head for and/ or notify The Gate. The First Aid Kit will be kept there and we will be able to call on our designated paramedic trained First Aid Coordinator: Jeff Poole.

Magical Shopping and Stalls on Site.

At the Spirit of Awen camp, we feel it is so important to support our arts and craft folk. There are many who make our camp possible, offering their time, knowledge and skills to ensure that the magic happens throughout the five days, so we want to support them in return by giving them opportunity to have stalls throughout the camp. Facilitators will sell their wares on stalls positioned at various places around the site, so do look out for them. All goods will be handmade and showcase their own work. It is for these reasons that we will not be allowing mass produced, wholesale goods nor will there be a general market.


We would also like to introduce the ‘Enchanted Spirit of Awen Emporium’, a magical place where you will be able to buy beautifully handcrafted goodies, from the talented crafts facilitators at this year’s extravaganza. Do not forget to bring your spends with you because all those fabulous gifts are waiting to find a home with you. The Emporium is where you will be able to pick up leaflets/business cards and any other information, for example: workshops, other events and retreats that might be happening throughout the rest of the year.



The Spirit of Awen Café is an enchanted space. You will walk into a beautifully decorated arena magically lit at night by our unique and handmade twinkly solar light chandeliers! Stunning original works of art adorn the walls and a sacred communal alter is provided for the use of all. Lunch time music and evening open mic and headlining musicians will fill the air and will be sure to get your dancing feet moving. The Café is a wonderful place to relax, chat, socialise, be entertained, drink and eat, and is the all-round multi-functional, fab hub of the camp.


Over the last few years more of you have been bringing your own alcohol into the café on the evening…this is ok, although we are asking that you still support what is on offer in the café on an evening because that is how we fund putting on the camp each year.


Last year this was a serious problem so please take away your own empties and rubbish. Let’s be responsible and ensure that we walk our talk…

SO a seriously

BIG THANK YOU in advance for your support, understanding & cooperation.

Finely, you may or may not be aware, but we are so fortunate at the Spirit of Awen to have a group of the most gorgeously talented Café Elves. The Café Elves, cook, serve, clean and cater for all your yummy food cravings and needs. You will find bacon, egg & mushroom baps for breakfast or perhaps you just prefer a filter coffee and or cup of tea with a toasted teacake. Throughout the day you might want to indulge yourself with a slice of one of the delicious cakes on sale, all of which are lovingly made by hand on site, as is the vast majority of what is sold. Lunch is freshly prepared jacket spuds and a choice of salads....All of this and so more you will find in the Café Fey and all will be prepared, cooked and served by the mythical and awesomely magical Café Elves, please do not forget to show them some love, they truly deserve all they get, they are very, very precious to us.



There is a designated car park for all cars. Cars WILL NOT be able to remain on the camping field after you have unloaded all your camping stuff. Those of you camping in your vehicles i.e. camper vans, caravans etc. will obviously be able to keep them on the field. A ‘No Car’ policy on the camping field is a necessity to ensure we all have a fab environment and the least amount of damage is inflicted on the site.


Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation with this.



We have a very large camping field with an additional water supply. There will be a track marked around the parameter of the field which must be kept clear at all times for emergency access and site crew vehicle access. Apart from that you can camp wherever feels right to you.


FIRES are allowed but the farmer has asked that we DO NOT lift the top layer of turf before you light your fire. We are providing 4 TONS of seasoned fire wood, which will be in the Car Park Field or to the side of the Gate Tent. THIS WOOD HAS TO LAST THE WHOLE CAMP. Please do not take more than you need, remember others also will want to have a fire.


Again, we would ask you to remember there are a lot of us and there will be villages and houses in the surrounding area that will be affected by us if we are not mindful of our impact. We therefore have to impose an 11.30pm curfew for all drumming & loud music i.e. non-acoustic, please respect this. There is no problem with everyone having a singsong around the fire, which is what we all love.


Loos, showers and all things water

OMG… as of 2016 we are now eco-friendly - we have built our own toilet and shower blocks. Oh Yes! You heard right! This means that the wonderful ‘Long Drop’ - compost loos are suitable at this venue.

If this worries you, or you have never experienced compost loos, PLEASE do not worry, they are completely safe and easy to use with normal toilet seats to sit on and they will be beautiful, clean and decorated with all manner of lovely things, you will probably forget you are even in a field. I know we will build on the magic of developing these as the years go on.


However, and this is a BIG however, the toilets are NOT somewhere where young children should be playing at any time, nor should they be on their own when using the toilets. Therefore, we are saying ‘Please accompany your children and do not leave them unattended’. The Long drop is exactly what it says it is  …  a LONG DROP!


We have also built wonderful gas fired showers and we are asking for a min of a £1.00 donation to be put into the jar/box provided. The £1.00 donation will be put toward the cost of the water and the gas that we use in order to maintain standards, maintenance and upkeep. As part of the Water conservation, we ask that people do not have showers lasting more than 5 minutes, if you can possible help it. The cubicles are actually big enough so that if you want to share the cubical and the cost you can.


Loo roll is provided but there will be a lot of us, so do bring your own because I am sure we will run out and the loo roll will only be replenished once a day. There will be a team ensuring all facilities are clean and beautified but again we ask for everyone to take some responsibility in ensuring and maintaining a standard of cleanliness within the loo block.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: West End Farm is an Organic Farm therefore DO NOT empty, at ANYTIME, your porta-loo Cassettes into the long-drops. The liquid used in said porta-loo cassette is NOT organic and the chemicals often toxic. There is an official cesspit at the farms regular camp site which is situated on the left, just past the Farm house. So ANY emptying please do so there... Thank you again for your understanding and support. 


This is the third year that we have had to provide all facilities, i.e. loos and showers so please bear with us. We will do everything in our power to ensure that all and any potential/actual teething problems are dealt will and do not affect your camp. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

The Drinking Water standing pipe will be available on the Camping field with easy access for everyone. . Our water is taken directly from water mains, but PLEASE BOIL water before drinking. We are absolutely confident that the water is totally safe to drink but just to be on the safe side, we are in a field, so boiling is a good precaution to take.



Yes my dear folk of Awen, you have read that title correctly…GLITTER has become an intrinsic part of our lives! It’s not for everyone we know, but it brightens most things up and I always say when in doubt…GLITTER it will cover a multitude of sins!!...

HOWEVER…….it is absolutely and totally NOT helping the pollution of our planet. SO… we are saying NO, NO, NO to GLITTER…UNLESS it is


Please remember this is, apart from anything else an Organic farm and there are many places available on line and in shops that sell said eco-friendly and biodegradable glitter

THANK YOU So much in advance for your absolute support, understanding and cooperation with this sparkly issue.



Limited recycling facilities are available on the Farm, we are looking into solutions that will help but please, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RECYCLING AND OR RUBBISH AT THE SITE. There are too many of us for the farm to deal with all of our cans, bottles and general rubbish, so we need to ensure that we take personal responsibility for the disposal of ALL of our rubbish and recycling, TAKING IT AWAY with us when the camp is over.  Everyone will be issued with black bin bags with which to collect their own rubbish and then to TAKE IT AWAY.


We will try to find a nearby facility where by you can dispose of said recycling and rubbish and that information will ideally be available on The Gate. Therefore please plan to take your rubbish away yourself.


Please support and help us in this area of camp management because we want to be invited back. Thanks for your support in advance.




West End Farm is owned by Keith Jones, who lives and works the 300 acres organic Longhorn beef farm! Keith has worked hard to create and preserved an outstanding part of this beautiful countryside including Apple Orchards dripping in Mistletoe, and replanting and preserving traditional hedgerows and tree planting.

 You will find stunning scenery and walks around this ancient peninsular overlooking the mighty River Severn in all her glory. At certain times of the year the famous Severn Bore will roar past creating a magical spectacle. Keith does have a small campsite near the Orchards and a small cottage which is available to hire at other times throughout the year.

So a massive thanks to Keith for all his hard work, especially as he manages the farm and land on his own… So please, please, please remember that this is his home and his business, we ask everyone to be mindful of this fact, to look after the land, to NOT raid the apple trees of all their Mistletoe and fruit, to take responsibility ensuring that our stay has as minimal an impact on the site as possible. We want to be invited back….



There are old apple orchards dripping with mistletoe. The orchards are magical places to commune with and in, and they are available for us to use, walk through, sit in and generally enjoy. The orchards are located either side of the main farmhouse, I am sure it will be ok to visit them but do be aware this is a working farm and the cattle have free reign to roam usually, therefore, respect and understanding is asked for at all times.



The river is the River Severn governed by the Ancient Goddess Hafran and she is Mistress of all in her path. She is magnificent and totally wild and completely dangerous.




She is unnavigable in this stretch of water with strong undercurrents, quick sands and mud.

The Serpent Mother that is the River Severn is stunningly beautiful but unbelievably dangerous. Therefore, please, please respect her and be mindful at all times.



Your children are YOUR responsibility AT ALL TIMES.



Nearby Shopping Facilities

There is a village shop 5 mins from the camp by car in the Village of Frampton On Severn. The Green Shop stocks most things, organic and locally sourced although not a massive selection and is open 7 days a week until 6pm.  Whitminster, which again is only 15 mins by car on the A38 you will find a little village store, Fish & Chip shop, Chinese & Indian takeaways. The Co-op has a store in Eastington, which is 15 mins from camp. Stroud is only 20/30mins away and towards Gloucester 20/30 mins going in the other direction you will also find supermarkets which include, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Waitrose as well as other shops.



It is impossible for us at Spirit Of Awen to offer a taxi or any other kind of transport service. However, we do appreciate that not everybody drives or has access to a car. Transport in the locality is pretty good. There are regular bus services to Arlingham & Frampton On Severn from Stroud and Gloucester and even Bristol. The train stations are also very close in Stroud, Stonehouse, Gloucester and Dursley. We have also secured a local Taxi service run by Tony who lives in Frampton on Severn, who is happy to collect you from where ever and deliver you safely to us at camp and will of course pick you up when you are ready to leave. His rates are good and he has generously agreed to give a 10% discount to all Folk of Awen. His details are:


Marina Taxi






We think we have covered most things but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our best to answer and help wherever possible.


IT IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE to us and we go to great lengths to ensure that we are as accessible as a camp and an event, as is humanly possible. WE PRIDE OURSELVES on our Inclusiveness and the importance of Diversity at our camps. We are open to ALL sections of society and spiritual pathways with a focus on the importance of coming together and Community. We are a Pagan Camp that welcomes all through its gate. We specifically create sacred space within the call for peace and whilst we understand that we may all have differing life experiences, perspectives and points of views regarding life, love, spirituality and politics.. WE CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate discrimination, extremism, bullying and violence on any level.

ANYBODY found to engage in any of the above behaviours will be REMOVED from the camp and further appropriate action taken if and when required.

How sad that we now live in a world where this sort of statement needs to be made!

Personal Responsibility, Freedom of Speech, Thought and Expression along with the Ancient Art of Debate and Discussion is NOT EFFECTED but embraced and encouraged.

The Spirit of Awen is held on a working farm. The fields are not going to be manicured or always/necessarily flat and easy under foot. In order for us to have the luxury of having fire and rituals that are inclusive and substantial, we need space and land that lends itself to that endeavour. The event and camping field, is on a slight ridge and furrow field, there is a walk to the loos and showers which is not perhaps what some might be used to, and it is just over a field away to the ritual Standing Stone field. Don't get us wrong…..this is not anything on the scale of Glastonbury festival or any other big festival, so please don't worry, everything is, in our opinion, more than manageable, but none the less, it is worth knowing.

Please be aware that if you do have disabilities and or mobility issues, then the above might need to be a serious consideration, PLEASE talk to us about any concerns that you might have and we will do our best to assist and support in any way we can. We have many who attend camp with disabilities, serious illnesses and mobility issues, who enjoy camp to the full.

HOWEVER.. Please understand that we are unable to provide dedicated 1-2-1 personal support.... PLEASE speak to us...Under these circumstances we are totally happy to discuss the possibility for individuals to bring somebody with them as their dedicated support person. Depending on the individual’s personal needs and the person providing the dedicated support, we would request a disclaimer specifying that the dedicated support and the participation at camp is done so at the persons own risk and is not the responsibility of the Camp and its organisers. This would need to be provided along with a nominal administration fee of £35.

At the Spirit of Awen Camp we offer such a variety of activities and opportunities for you to participate in. It therefore goes without saying that they require personal choice and common sense at all times. We will do our absolute best to ensure you are safe and happy, but ultimately in coming to the Spirit of Awen Camp you are agreeing that YOU and only YOU are responsible for yourselves, your children and for any dependants that you may have with you. This is especially and specifically concerning anything you chose to participate in and do.

It is a sad reflection and a sign of the times we live in, but the Spirit of Awen cannot and will not be held responsible for any accidents and injuries you may sustain through you exercising your human rights of free will and choice. Risk assessment is a personal thing, we trust that you know your own minds and have understanding of the risks involved with some of the activities and with regards to the very nature that a Pagan/ wild camping experience can offer. If you do not then PLEASE ask.  For example, if you have never camped with a fire before, please ask for help, we will be happy to show you how it should be done safely, thus ensuring not only your safety but those around you.

We promise you it is all common sense and we are sure most of you will already know all of this stuff, but we have to be sure that we have said what needs to be said, i.e. Do not have your fire close to any tents it should be a good 6-10 ft from each tent if not more.

Please make sure at all times that your guy-ropes do not cross other tents guy-ropes that way there will be walk ways at all times. Do not put your tent up right next to another tent, make sure there is at least 4 -5ft if not a little more between you and your neighbours. There will be plenty of room, so we do not need to encroach on each other’s space even if we camp in circles with friends.

If, for example, you have never thrown an axe or a spear, know that you will be supervised by fully experienced and trained people - BUT always the choice to participate will be yours.


 The Big Saturday night ritual is another area that might need consideration for those of you with small/young children. Our rituals can be full on and are not done with children in mind and therefore they can and might be frightened by the noise and images of people in masks for example and other elements. Therefore, PLEASE be mindful if you decide to bring your children to the ritual, that it is not necessarily a suitable place for them to be at various times throughout the evening. Nevertheless, as always the choice will be yours and we trust that you will know what is right for you & yours. If we have any doubts we will tell you and we trust you would do the same with us.


PLEASE DO NOT let your children run around the event field unsupervised.

PLEASE DO NOT let your children play in the communal fire pit even if it is not lit because the embers can still be very hot.


Lastly but by no means least it is now necessary, due to recent changes to EU legislation to add the following:



General Data Protection Regulation

Most of you will have seen the news and most likely had ludicrous amounts of emails from various peoples and companies due to the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Like everyone else we have to comply for both the Spirit of Awen Camp and the Awen Healing and Divination Camp. So we are creating an updated privacy policy to comply with the new rules which will be added to the websites shortly.

In the mean time we obviously sale our tickets online and your details are required so that we can process and send tickets and info out to you all. HOWEVER, it is important you are only hearing from us because you want to. Like all previous years, we will only hold your info to send you information about the up and coming Awen Camps and/or any other events that we might organise. It is VERY IMPORTANT that if you do not want us to use your data in this way please contact me by email or messenger.

The new legislation is extremely complicated and controversial and, I understand, open to interpretation which is causing significant confusion, extreme pressure and stress for many. I understand that the new legislation also covers photos, so please be aware that photos will be taken at the camps and will possibly be used for future publicity, on social media and to the websites. If you do not want to any photos of you used/taken please make sure you notify me and I will do my very best to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

 This is difficult legislation to work with, especially with the nature the camps and the other areas of my work, so thank you in advance for your support and understand with all of this and hopefully it won’t be too disruptive for us all.


We appreciate that the ‘do’s & don’ts’ may seem boring and more than a little official, but we hope that you will agree they are very important areas of consideration and quite necessary.


That only leaves us to thank you all so much in advance for your support and understanding.


Have a wonderful camp and immerse yourselves in the magic and Inspiration that is 

THE SPIRIT OF AWEN and we look forward to meeting you all on the field.


Bright Blessings,

The Spirit of Awen Team 2018.