LUNCH TIME:           12PM- 4PM.......0 PLACE AVAILABLE


EVENING:.............8PM - 12AM.......0 PLACES AVAILABLE



We are always looking for site crew both for set up and take down. If you are interested in helping with set up, we are on site from 25th July. If you would like to be part of the take down crew that will start on 12th Aug,but please be aware that if usually take two to three days and sometimes a little longer if the weather is against us.


If you are interested in having a working ticket at this years Spirit of Awen Camp, please chose form one of the available posts below and contact us via our email


If you are working your ticket you DO NOT pay for a Ticket. If you are coming with Partner, Children etc, then as a thank you we only charge £30 per head. This offer only applies to direct family members.  


All working tickets require one 4hr shift per day, (apart from site crew). Generally you stick to the same shift all the way through camp, but then the rest of the day is yours to immerse yourself into the delights and fabulousness that camp has to offer.....


Choosing to work your ticket at camp is a fantastic way of helping to create the magic as well as participating in the experience and enjoying what camp has to offer.


Should you get to camp and/or after working, change your mind, then please dont worry and know that you are totally free to still pay for your ticket on the gate and enjoy camp.


If you are taken ill, (These things can happen) Please know that we totally understand and please dont worry about needing to leave, under these circumstances, DO NOT feel that you are letting anyone down...because you are not.


However, if you decided that you still want to stay at camp and after a good nights rest are feeling better, but not to the extent that you feel able/want to carry on and work your ticket, then please understand that we will have to ask, that you purchase a non-working ticket/s from the gate in order for you to remain and enjoy the camp.


We totally appreciate, are grateful and value everyone who chooses to work at Camp. Camp can not happen without all of the input, goodwill and energy given, offered and shared. Everyone, including those on working tickets are vital and important in helping to create the magic that is The Spirit Of Awen Camp.


Working tickets are limited and once they are gone.. well... they are gone..... so if you are interested, and/or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.