Professor Ronald Hutton:


Back by popular demand, the rather wonderful Ronald Hutton will be joining us again at The Spirit of Awen camp. As an authority in Ancient and British History, an author and regular sight on our televisions over the years contributing to many documentaries and historical programs, Ronald will be, in his talk, answering two questions: Why did Robin Hood become the most famous outlaw in world tradition, and did he ever really exist?


To answer these questions Ronald will be considering Robin Hood's claims to be a fairy or forest god and thus tracing the origins of the characters in his story, such as Maid Marian, Friar Tuck and Little John. It also means finding out what special link is between Robin and the Greenwood which makes his legend unique........ NOT TO BE MISSED!!........


Ffyona Campbell.


Ffyona will be talking about how she discovered the long forgotten migration route our Hunter-Gather Ancestors used in order to find wild food in every season no matter where you are in Britain.. There will be Q&A and book signing.... Not to be missed

Phil Woodward


Ever wanted to understand Runes?.... Ever wanted the opportunity to make your own set of Runes?...... Ever wanted to channel and chant runes?..... then look no further...Rune Master Phil Woodward will be running workshops on all of the above....Totally  Epic...

Polly Jones


We are so pleased to welcome Polly back to this years Spirit of Awen Camp.. this wonderfully talented lady will be facilitating a Sidir Quest and holding ritual Chanting Workshops.... Sooo Excited....So make sure you are warming up those will need them!

Xanthe Watery Tiger & Julie Sanderson


We are very lucky to be able to introduce experienced and practising Shaman, Xanthe & Julie, who will be offering Shamanic group drumming and journeying workshops at this years camp... So open up your minds and experience the journey in a safe and controlled way with the knowledge that you are guided and protected by two amazing women... 

Clare Brennan.

We are so excited to announce that Clare will be definitely joining us this year with her stunningly beautiful gypsy cob Horses. Clare will be offering rides in with the Horse & Cart and she promises lots of traditional Gypsy wear as well... How Fab is That!... Blessing on Epona x

(All fingers crossed that none of her horses go into early foal as happened last year which prevented her joining us at the last moment)..x

June Waller


I soooo cant wait for this one!!... At this years camp the Gorgeous June will be holding  sacred 'Honouring the Body' workshops which will incorporate the art of sacred body painting using Clay & Woad ..... How fab is that... June's beautiful skills as a Body Artist are just stunning & Absolutely not to be missed......


Jamie Joel-Blackwater


Jamie has informed me that he has not quite made his mind up on the threme/content of his workshops but that it will... and I quote here.. "It will be Cosmic" ! .. ( I did Laugh) But Those of you familiar with Jamie's work will totally know that it will be and is not to be missed!!

Lady Oakwood Crafts.:


We are so lucky to have the fantastic Martin Keelor & Sue King joining us this year. They will be bringing their fantastic workshop full of all things wooden. You will have the opportunity to experience turning wood and weaving on traditional                                            loom, or whittle your very own                                                sacred spoon/bowl.. Fantastic...

Trevor & Stephanie Hubbard 

We are Totally looking forward to this workshop!... Trevor and Stephanie will be sharing their extensive

knowledge of wine and mead making through the ritual and seasonal wheel of the year; exploring the use of everything from Honey, leaf, berry, blossom & Grain.....It goes without saying that there will be much tasting of said wines and meads..........

Well it would be churlish not to!!... 

Steve Davis:

Back by popular demand, Steve will once again facilitate a stimulating, insightful and inspirational talk. With a background, both personally & professionally, that has given him a strong sense of connection with the rhythms of the land, along with the natural, ritual &                                         seasonal wheel of the year.

                                  Steve will be sharing his thoughts and looks                                       forward to hearing yours whilst exploring our                                   understanding of how we live as pagans in the                                   21st century.


Tree Russell:

 Tree will be getting us all going, unleashing the wildness within, with her Tribal Dance workshops. I personally can’t wait for this one, any excuse to don the woad and let my hair down and invoke the wild side. TBC

Slimbridge Dowsing Group


We are so pleased to welcome Trish Mills & Barbara to this years camp. In their workshops 'Everyone Can Dowse', Trish & Barbara will give an introduction to Dowsing. They will be bringing along plenty of dowsing rods for you to try this most fascinating and ancient of arts for yourselves. Dowsing is not a party trick, but it will certainly open you up to new insights, ideas and possibilities. ... 


Spirit of Awen Morris Side, 

Lovingly known as 'Badgers Moon'


Facilitators :


Phil Woodward-Tong, Darryl Cunnington,


Yes you read right.... The Spirit of Awen is pleased to announce its own Morris Side to which you are cordially invited to join, participate, enjoy and genuinely have fun with. So bring your instruments, your soft shoe shuffles, stick waving and or hanky flinging aspirations, and join the madness and mayhem as part of the  Spirit of Awen Morris side.

Ali English:

 Ali is a qualified Herbalist and teacher Join her for several informative, useful, fun & practical workshops. This year Ali will be focusing on 'Herbs for Women's Health' & also workshops which we are calling 'Herb Intensives' This will include  Plant meditation,tastings,sketching & Discussion about recipes, remedies & Folklore.... Ali will also be available for 1-2-1 consultations..


Fox Flute & Andrea Bowles:

 Once again we are blessed to have the beautiful birds of prey, lovingly cared for by Fox and Andrea. Owls, hawks, Falcons… Get up close, watch them fly and learn about these magical creatures.


 Of course not to be forgotten, both Fox and Andrea are the King and Queen of all things sharp and pointy!! Archery, Axe & Spear throwing to name but a few... if you've always wanted to but never had the chance... well perhaps now is your chance... great fun in  a safe environment with very experienced and professional teachers.

Ronnie Dancing-Flame:

 Wild Woman extraordinaire, Ronnie will be holding the drumming circle and offering healing with her unique attuning Quartz Crystal bowls.

Kim Morgan:


 The Wonderful Kim will once again joining us and her talk this year will on 'Planetary Magick'!!.. This promises to be fab, insightful and useful... Always very popular, Kim's workshops are not something you will want to miss....

Suleela Barclay:


Suleela will be running her popular early morning energizing body work workshops again this year. As an ex national gymnast and dancer teacher, Suleela's energy and positive attitude is a genuine tonic and guaranteed to get you nimble, fit and ready to face the day.