Jacqui Wood:

We are so pleased to be able to announce that renowned Archaeologist & Writer Jacqui Woods will be joining us at this years Spirit of Awen Camp. Jacqui is responsible for the amazing excavations into the Witches Pits. She has a documentary about her work entitled " Kings War on Witches" on National Geographic TV and her work has been featured in The Times this year. This is a living tradition with pits in wetland bogs covered in rushed dating from 1640's -1970's thus far.... Sooooo exciting..

Patrick Jasper Lee :

We are so lucky to have join us this year Patrick Jasper Lee, a Romani Gypsy and an indigenous Chovihano (medicine man from an ancient line). Author of the bestselling We Borrow the Earth: An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Folk Tradition and Culture, and its follow-up, Coming Home to the Trees: Travelling with the Gypsy Spirit of the Past.

 Jasper (as he likes to be called), is well travelled, well known and popular in the USA. He is an experienced and charismatic speaker on Romani Gypsy folklore, myth and the otherworld.

His ancient Romani healing ritual involves contacting the shadows that build up around individuals, causing sickness, confusion and stress in our modern world today. The Chovihano or medicine man links with the shadows and leads them away from the person as they are deposited in the otherworld. This is seen by some as a shamanic or dramatic and colourful performance, with audience participation for an age-old pagan ritual that is rarely performed in modern times.

Jasper will provide a demonstration of how this works, with an accompanying talk and questions invited, and personal sessions can be available. For more information, please see his website:"

R.J.Stewart & Anastacia:

The Wonderful R.J.Stewart  international Author and Musician and his lovely wife Anastacia, will be joining us again this year offering workshops and traditional music. NOT to be missed.....

Bob Trubshaw:

Bob will be once again thrilling us with more of his insightful research and understandings of the sacred landscape and its relationship within the regional traditions and customs of ancient Briton.

Jamie Joel-Blackwater

Dont worry if ritual, energy& circle work is new to you... Or... perhaps you just need a refresher.....Well Jamie's workshops might be the answer for you. Always insightful, informative and most of all practical, Jamie will support you through the magical process whilst always translating theory into practice.

Tree Russell:

 Tree will be getting us all going, unleashing the wildness within, with her Tribal Dance workshops. I personally can’t wait for this one, any excuse to don the woad and let my hair down and invoke the wild side.

Gillian Smith:

Renowned Historian and Archeologist, Gillian Smith's expertise and understanding of the sacred landscape and megalithic sites of these ancient isles will be brought to the fore in her talk at this year’s camp which will focus on the Portholes within our Sacred Landscapes and Stone Circles; Fascinating, informative and insightful….Not to be missed.

The Fabulous Old Spot Theater Company:

 The ancient and traditional art of Shape- shifting through the use of masks; Paul and Ollie will be facilitation this wonderful workshop using 18thc style animal masks. Truly experience the wild side in the style of Comedia Della Arte. 


Nell Griffiths-Haynes & Phil Woodward-Tong

Nell and Phil will be running the make your own Runes workshop. I guarantee this is a workshop where you will have fun and as well as having the opportunity to learn from a wonderful Rune Master & Mistress! Another one NOT to be missed!!


Spirit of Awen Morris Side Facilitators :


Phil Woodward-Tong, Darryl Cunnington, Nick Griffiths-Haynes & Richard Dowling


Yes you read right.... The Spirit of Awen is pleased to announce its own Morris Side to which you are cordially invited to join, participate, enjoy and genuinely have fun with. So bring your instruments, your soft shoe shuffles, stick waving and or hanky flinging aspirations, and join the madness and mayhem as part of the  Spirit of Awen Morris side.

William Brochfeal:

 An expert in all things Iron Age and Pre-History, William will be offering a workshop in making an item of Iron Age clothing. There will be a small cost, as will most of the craft workshops, to cover materials.

Ali English:

 Ali is a qualified Herbalist and teacher and will be offering workshops in Herbal 1st Aid. She will also have her stall where you will be able to buy gorgeous lotion and potion things.

Ronnie Dancing-Flame:

 Wild Woman extraordinaire, Ronnie will be holding the drumming circle and offering healing with her unique attuning bowls.

Kim Morgan:

This year Kim will be giving a talk on 'The Summoning of Spirits & the Fae'.  A facinating area of magic  full of insight and enchantment and delivered by an adept, experienced Magical Practitioner. Always popular, Kims talks are not to be missed

Fox Flute & Andrea Bowles:

 Once again we are blessed to have the beautiful birds of prey, lovingly cared for by Fox and Andrea. Owls, hawks, Falcons… Get up close, watch them fly and learn about these magical creatures.


 Of course not to be forgotten, both Fox and Andrea are the King and Queen of all things sharp and pointy!! Archery, Axe & Spear throwing to name but a few... if you've always wanted to but never had the chance... well perhaps now is your chance... great fun in  a safe environment with very experienced and professional teachers.

Claire Honeyfield:


We are very lucky to have Claire Honeyfield who will be facilitating a talk on " Getting it Together" which looks at how we live in the world whilst holding onto our values, our beliefs in a way that works for us and those around us.


Claire is a Pagan Flower Faerie with a professional career which includes setting up and running the award wining Farmers Market and Made in Stroud; has worked with Lynne Franks @ International Woman's Day at the Southbank and Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) design team on decorating the eco show homes at the Apple wood Community Housing project. Claire has been around the camp scene since the eighties and now a grandmother her mission is to share her experiences of creating community with others who wish to make their world a better place.


Claire will also be offering Reiki healing on a 1-2-1 and in a possible group workshop.                                                                    

Suleela Barclay:

Suleela will be running her popular early morning energizing body work workshops again this year. As an ex national gymnast and dancer teacher, Suleela's energy and positive attitude is a genuine tonic and guaranteed to get you nimble, fit and ready to face the day.