R.J. Stewart:


 We are over the moon that R.J. Stewart will be joining us at this year Spirit of Awen Camp. This will be a wonderful opportunity to participate in a workshop  and attend a musical performance.

  R.J. Stewart is the Author of ‘The Power within The Land’, ‘The Hidden Adept & the Hidden Wisdom’, ‘The Spiritual Dimension of Music’, ‘Earthlight’ and many, many more ….

 KNOWN AS A COMPOSER, Author and Teacher, with 40 books in publication world wide; R,J. Stewart is experienced in theatre, film, television and is a skilled Performer and presenter. Along with his partner Anastacia Nutt they have been the Stewards of ‘The Sanctuary of Avalon’, a silent spiritual sanctuary with buildings both in Britain and USA.


Bob Trubshaw:

The Queen of the Valley

Widespread legends and customs, from Irish legends to Indian festivals, reveal that most ancient societies thought their land was protected by a female deity.  However the words used reveal a much more complex relationship. These deified 'queens' were protectors of a 'clan' which farmed their own valley, and who regarded the springs from which the water flowed into the valley as sacred to the tutelary queen.
The Spirit of Awen camp, nestled in a double-bend of the River Wye, seems an excellent place to ponder why the words queen, king, kinship, quim, canine and canal all sound similar  and to experience the landscape in a more timeless manner as a result.
Bob Trubshaw has been writing and lecturing about mythology, folklore and archaeology since 1989.  He has written numerous books and also runs Heart of Albion Press (

Tree Russell:

 Tree will be getting us all going, unleashing the wildness within, with her Tribal Dance workshops. I personally can’t wait for this one, any excuse to don the woad and let my hair down and invoke the wild side.

Gillian Smith:

Renowned Historian and Archeologist, Gillian Smith's expertise and understanding of the sacred landscape and megalithic sites of these ancient isles will be brought to the fore in her talk at this year’s camp which will focus on the Portholes within our Sacred Landscapes and Stone Circles; Fascinating, informative and insightful….Not to be missed.

The Fabulous Old Spot Theatre Company:

 The ancient and traditional art of Shape- shifting through the use of masks; Paul and Ollie will be facilitation this wonderful workshop using 18thc style animal masks. Truly experience the wild side in the style of Comedia Della Arte. 


Chris Hurst & Jinny Peberday:

The wonderful Chris & Jinny will be facilitating leather craft workshops. You will get the opportunity to make a little something , being taught by exceptionally talent teachers and craft women…Magical which ever way you look at it!

Chris Hurst is know for stunning designs and outstanding skill and ‘craftwomanship’ for more info on her work please visit her website 

William Brochfeal:

 An expert in all things Iron Age and Pre-History, William will be offering a workshop in making an item of Iron Age clothing. There will be a small cost, as will most of the craft workshops, to cover materials.

Fiona Ross-Scott:


 An expert Therapist and outstanding Healer, Fiona will be offering Light Body Therapy at this years camp. A truely Amaxing treatment using the magic and natural elemental energy of Light via traditionan techniches and the inovitive and unbelievably affective cold Lasers wands.

Ali English:

 Ali is a qualified Herbalist and teacher and will be offering workshops in Herbal 1st Aid. She will also have her stall where you will be able to buy gorgeous lotion and potion things.

Ronnie Dancing-Flame:

 Wild Woman extraordinaire, Ronnie will be holding the drumming circle and offering healing with her unique attuning bowls.

Jamie T. J. Smithe:

 Calling all you Wild Swimmers.The Beautiful and wild River Wye awaits you. Once again we are please to announce that Jamie will be facilitating the Wild swimming again this year. Be Brave, you know you want too really. An amazing exhilarating experience and one you will want to keep doing once you’ve started.

Susan Marie Paramour:

 The amazing Susan will be offering the sanctuary of her sacred yurt, facilitation sacred body painting and hedgerow Headdresses as well as performing her beautiful and haunting music.



Bliss Balance:

 Bliss will this year be facilitating wonderful healing workshops. Working with her healing bowls you will experience journeying and sound therapy via the stunning quartz Crystal Bowles that will transport, rejuvenate and invigorate you. A magical experience not to be missed.


Kim Morgan:

 Kim will be stimulation our senses in her sacred incense and oil making workshop. If you have ever wanted make your own blend here’s your chance.

Fox Flute & Andrea Bowles:

 Once again we are blessed to have the beautiful birds of prey, lovingly cared for by Fox and Andrea. Owls, hawks, Falcons… Get up close, watch them fly and learn about these magical creatures.

Suzanne Thomas:

 Suzanne will be entertaining us both adults and children alike with her story telling, bringing the myths and legends alive. 

Tracey Beaty:


 Tracy will be holding Lotions & Potion workshops for both adults and children. Hedgerow walking identifying, and picking (where appropriate) to make your own ointment, tincture, cream etc. Hedgerow medicines/remedies, Kitchen Cosmetics that are safe, natural and useful.


Sam Walker:

Archery with Sam, learn how to use a traditional bow and arrow, learn the skill of making your arrow shaft, decorating it and then firing it.

Paddy Hodgkinson:

 As well as a fantastic musician, Paddy is a talented carpenter. This year not only will we have the pleasure of his musical brilliance, but he will also be offering workshops of the magical properties of wood resulting in you making your own wand….Not to be missed.