Professor Ronald Hutton:


This year the rather wonderful Ronald Hutton will be joining us at The Spirit of Awen camp. Authority in Ancient and British History, Author and a regular sight on our televisions over the years as a contributor to many documentaries and historical programs, Ronald's talk will be on the The Wheel of the Year.

This talk explores the traditional season of festivals of Britain. It seeks to answer the questions of how many such festivals were there, of their relationship with those else where in Europe, of the difference that Christianity made to them and whether anything has changed fundamentally in the celebration of them with the coming of Christianity.

Jacqui Wood:

We are so pleased to be able to announce that renowned Archaeologist & Writer Jacqui Woods will be joining us again at this years Spirit of Awen Camp. Jacqui is responsible for the amazing excavations into the Witches Pits. She has a documentary about her work entitled " Kings War on Witches" on National Geographic TV and her work has been featured in The Times as well as her being an expert adviser on historical tv programs such as Time team.  At this years camp Jacqui will be talking about & demonstrating prehistoric cookery and giving a talk on all of the fascinating archaeological projects that she has been involved with round Europe ... FANTASTIC!!

Chalice Mead.

We are thrilled to have Mike from the wonderful Chalice Mead joining us this year. Mike will be giving  a talk on how to make the gorgeous nectar that is Mead! From Nettles, Chocolate and so many more fab ingredients Mike will share his knowledge. Chalice Mead is also the founders of the 'Meady Project' a charily which aims to support people who wish to keep bees and I dont need to say that there will also be a Chalice Mead Stall so that you can sample and buy the golden elixir that is CHALICE MEAD! Not to be missed.


Clare Brennan.

We are so excited to announce that Clare will be joining us this year with her stunningly beautiful Horse. Clare will be offering rides in with the Horse & Cart and she promises lots of traditional Gypsy wear as well... How Fab is That!... Blessing on Epona x

Bob Trubshaw:



Jamie Joel-Blackwater


Jamie has informed me that he has not quite made his mind up on the threme/content of his workshops but that it will... and I quote here.. "It will be Cosmic" ! .. ( I did Laugh) But Those of you familiar with Jamie's work will totally know that it will be and is not to be missed!!

Sean Young: 

Pagan Bushcraft.

We are please that Sean Young is able to Join us this year will be offering two workshops. The First Will focus on the evolution of BushCraft Skills, discussing the Practical, Historical & Folk-customs of Bush Craft within Ritual. His second workshop will be a practical on how to lite your Ritual Fire. Sean is an Author of both Fiction & Non-Fiction, a member of The Institute of Outdoor Living and has been involved in Bush-Craft for over 8yrs.


Steve Davis.

The wonderful Steve Davis will be facilitating two very interesting and inspirational talks at this years camp. His first workshop will be exploring the evolution of Deity along side human society interwoven within its social norms of thought & deed. His second workshop will discuss the concept of the Godless Pagan, the potential ethics and identification within what is understood as the common Pagan construct.

Tree Russell:

 Tree will be getting us all going, unleashing the wildness within, with her Tribal Dance workshops. I personally can’t wait for this one, any excuse to don the woad and let my hair down and invoke the wild side.

Gillian Smith:

Renowned Historian and Archeologist, Gillian Smith's expertise and understanding of the sacred landscape and megalithic sites of these ancient isles will be brought to the fore in her talk at this year’s camp .....To Be Confirmed

Yannik Dubois

Yannick is lovingly known as the 'Faun of Awen'. A very talented Artist, Yannick will be running workshops which will enable you to participate in a guided meditation to meet the spirits of place and then to paint the images, message and/or visions that you have been shown. This is a very special and magical workshop which will provide illumination, insight and a wonderful experience. 


Spirit of Awen Morris Side, 

Lovingly known as 'Badgers Moon'


Facilitators :


Phil Woodward-Tong, Darryl Cunnington,


Yes you read right.... The Spirit of Awen is pleased to announce its own Morris Side to which you are cordially invited to join, participate, enjoy and genuinely have fun with. So bring your instruments, your soft shoe shuffles, stick waving and or hanky flinging aspirations, and join the madness and mayhem as part of the  Spirit of Awen Morris side.

Ali English:

 Ali is a qualified Herbalist and teacher Join her for several informative, useful, fun & practical workshops on Herbal First Aid and Albion's Forgotten Herbs. In the 1st Aid workshop Ali will talk about 1st aid using commonly available plants to ease and resolve a variety of ailments ranging form hay-fever to stomach upsets, bumps, scrapes, cuts & Bruises. In her second workshop Ali will focus on the Forgotten Herbs of Albion, talking about the lesser known used herbs of Europe ranging from common lawn daisy to pineapple weed and the scarlet pimpernel. Not to be missed....



Tracey Beaty.

I have to say we are so lucky to have not one but two qualified Herbalists among the Awen tribe. Tracy will be offering wonderful wild hedgerow herb walks as well as the oportunity to make something yummy, useful and totally natural..

Ronnie Dancing-Flame:

 Wild Woman extraordinaire, Ronnie will be holding the drumming circle and offering healing with her unique attuning Quartz Crystal bowls.

Kim Morgan:


The Gorgeous Kim Morgan will offering a fascinating workshop into the Witches Ladder and Shamanic Totems. This promises to be not only insightful but practical & useful in 21st century magical practice.


Back by popular demand Kim will also be offering her Magical Ritual Incense making workshop and this year you will also have the opportunity to make sacred Perfumed oils as well... What is not to like... I personally Can not wait for this one....


Fox Flute & Andrea Bowles:

 Once again we are blessed to have the beautiful birds of prey, lovingly cared for by Fox and Andrea. Owls, hawks, Falcons… Get up close, watch them fly and learn about these magical creatures.


 Of course not to be forgotten, both Fox and Andrea are the King and Queen of all things sharp and pointy!! Archery, Axe & Spear throwing to name but a few... if you've always wanted to but never had the chance... well perhaps now is your chance... great fun in  a safe environment with very experienced and professional teachers.

Helen Crowdance


We Are so Lucky to have the wonderful Helen and her Rook and Crow friends joining us this yer. Helen will be offering a workshops to discuss how we can live and working with such unique and                                                     magical Birds. 

Dick Tilley


Oh how excited are we!!... Well we have the wonderful Dick Tilley who is joining us and will be sharing his amazing skill and artistry as a Chainsaw Wood Carver!! OH YES.. you read that corrected... AMAZING.. there will be, at some point, fire involved..(Obviously it is the Spirit of Awen) Blazing Totems and enchanted sculptures... Absolutely NOT to be                                    missed.

Victoria Rachael Nauen 

Victoria will be offering not only 1-2-1 Tarot readings but also a practical workshop which will be focusing on a guided meditation, insight and working with the cards.

Suleela Barclay:

Suleela will be running her popular early morning energizing body work workshops again this year. As an ex national gymnast and dancer teacher, Suleela's energy and positive attitude is a genuine tonic and guaranteed to get you nimble, fit and ready to face the day.